Stix created the digital campaign for LEASING, an added-value service offered by KARENTA to its clients

KARENTA & Stix: a strong bond

KARENTA is the largest Volkswagen Group retailer in the country representing the Volkswagen, Audi, and Skoda Brands. Stix is a key partner of KARENTA and guides its digital presence and creates content for its website, as well as marketing campaigns for some time now.

Cars Leasing. A service growing in popularity

Stix started promoting KARENTA Leasing in 2021 and since then has created all the digital campaigns for this growing segment appealing now to both the traditional trade-customers and to individuals. When leasing one of the Volkswagen Group’s models, KARENTA has a fundamental advantage of a ‘one-stop-shop’ service both pre-sale and after-sale. As an official dealer the Brands there are obvious advantages, both financial and operational. The campaign promotes these advantages for an extended period with very satisfactory results so far.



Stix added value to a competitive marketing program

Stix always looks hard for impactful creative within the digital campaign’s formats’ limitations. With meticulous attention to the campaign development process, we think that good creative starts from a valid data driven-insight. For this campaign the insight that was adopted was that ‘” when people think about leasing a car, they first think of the specialized leasing companies and not the car-dealers who import and sell the cars”. A true insight leads to a powerful proposition which in turn leads to a motivating message.

Creativity is a powerful force to sell

The message that was created used graphic elements and a teasing headline. It was designed to take people’s attention and to promote the brand’s benefits immediately. It also serves a dual campaign objective. On one hand to lead viewers to the campaign’s landing page of the website aiming to achieve conversions. On the other hand, it support the knowledge that KARENTA offers advantageous conditions in leasing a Volkswagen Group car versus the reference brands for leasing. A multitude of materials was created ranging from animated assets to static ads, all purposefully designed for various ad formats that are used in contact points with our potential customers.