STIX updates a long-standing website it has created to keep it contemporary and efficient

Athens Day Cruise is a trusted partner of STIX

STIX has created and produced the website and booking engine at the launch of the Athens Day Cruise brand, a joint-venture of two shipping companies and the leader in one-day cruises to the Saronic Islands – Hydra, Poros and Aegina.

A website and e-shop created to deliver results

The Athens Day Cruise website and integrated booking engine was created by STIX with a unique creative concept, custom design, and a sophisticated combination of technologies for safety and efficiency. It combines Word Press and Symphony technologies to accommodate the website’s dual purpose. First the visitors’ engagement with the three island destinations and the on-board experience. And secondly the online booking of a cruise with available options for upselling of additional services.

A website update to maintain its performance

The prime target audience of the Athens Day Cruise website are foreign visitors in Athens passing by for at least three days. Due to the nature of the snap visits in the city, all information needs to be succinct and attractive to engage the audience. Also, the booking system must be efficient at the specific moment of truth to encourage the bookings completion. Anything less than perfect will result in higher abandonment rate.

STIX has reviewed the performance of the system and has made the necessary fixes. It has also updated the online-payments extranet with the latest required version: all for better visitors’ experience, enhanced safety and higher conversion rates.