Establishing two new websites for “The First” smart and sustainable Mediterranean island in Astypalea

About Astypalea: Smart and sustainable island

The Volkswagen Group and the Hellenic Republic are in the process of transforming the Greek island of Astypalea into a model for smart, emission-free mobility.

This innovative island transformation will see the current transport system replaced with electric vehicles, and a nationwide network of private and public charging stations will be created. The initiative will also see the production of renewable energy, via wind and solar power systems, which the Greek government will install on the island.

Delivering the project

Through our partnership with Kosmocar, we are proud to have been commissioned as the sole lead designer and website developer for two new websites for Volkswagen Group and the Hellenic Republic in creating awareness for this exciting and groundbreaking project.

For the Volkswagen Group’s website, the project objective was to design a series of page templates whilst taking into consideration the existing colour palettes, typography and UI modules assigned in the Volkswagen Group brand guidelines.

During this process, our designers carefully considered the choice of available modules to execute a strong user experience journey. The main aim of this website was to create a visual platform to create awareness of the benefits of this program and for customers to browse the catalogue of available electric vehicle models. One of the core demographics were the residents of Astypalea, as they had access to special financing programmes for electric vehicle purchases that are only available to them.

For the Government website, our designers used their creative flair to design an informational platform about the project. We took inspiration from the colours used in the existing logo, to create a ‘clean’ and ‘green’ feel to the website. Iconography was used to highlight their 4 key pillars: vehicle electrification, smart mobility, charging & energy and autonomous driving. A progress timeline was used to visually highlight each step of the project’s milestones; from ideation to first test drives with electric cars, for the residents of Astypalea.

Throughout both websites, a language translator was used so that the content could be understood in English, Greek and German.

The future of Astypalea

We are proud to be involved in such a high-profile EU project and look forward to seeing the transformation of the island evolve in the coming months and years. Not only will this create a sustainable change for good for the local residents of the island; but it will also inspire the creation of more green initiatives that could be adopted worldwide, to help reduce our carbon footprint and to encourage us to switch to a more sustainable lifestyle.

If you would like to find out more information about this project, visit Astypalea: Smart and Sustainable website and the Volkswagen Group website.



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