A new interactive digital Advent Calendar for Thanet District Council

We are proud to have worked with Thanet District Council to design and develop a new, exciting interactive digital advent calendar; which is a tool that will be used alongside other parts of their Shop Local Campaign.

Alongside this, we designed a new engaging CTA banner for the home page that includes an animated illustrative Christmas GIF. We then continued this design styling through to the Advent Calendar, to create a consistent branded message throughout the user journey.

Each day of December, you will be able to ‘unwrap’ a new offer from a Thanet business from December 1st until Christmas Eve. Each ‘door’ of the calendar is covered in a colourful wrapping paper and after unboxing the offer, a pop up reveals the offer details and links to the business’ website.

Whilst we created a colourful, interactive experience we also made sure we were compliant to the WCAG2.1 AA accessibility guidelines and considered features such as colour contrast, keyboard focusing and ALT text, to make the content accessible to everyone.

As well as a strong user experience on the front end, we also believe it is important to consider the back end user experience to make it as easy as possible for content entry via the WordPress CMS for all abilities.

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